What’s the deal with all these rewards points?

Sometime in the near future these points will be redeemable for prizes. In fact, we’d like input from the Satoshi Circle community on cool things that could be given out when players reach reward point milestones.

Why is the maximum wager 5.0 BTC?

We set this limit according to the average wagers we were seeing during the beta run. Expect this limit to be increased down the road.

Is there a minimum wager per spin?

Nope, play with as little Satoshis as you like, but know that the more your wager the more reward points you’ll receive.

Why do I have to wait for 2 confirmations before I can withdraw my balance?

Satoshi Circle needs to ensure the deposits are verified before they can leave our account. We may adjust the number of confirmations in the future.

Where should I direct any suggestions, recommendations or bugs I find?

Please shoot us an email using the contact link in the menu. We encourage feedback and ideas that will improve the gaming experience.

Why isn’t my deposit showing up in the balance?

Your deposit should show up within seconds of you sending it to your personal deposit address. If it doesn’t, please try refreshing the page. If you’re still having issues please shoot us an email or see if one of the developers is hanging out in the chat space below the main playing screen. We’ve yet to encounter a situation where the deposits don’t appear.

Why does the sound get stuck sometimes?

switching tabs or browsers windows during game play may result in the sound getting stuck. Should this happen simply refresh the page to clear the sound from your cache should this happen.

What are the house odds for Satoshi Circle?

The house advantage is 1.76%. In comparison, the house edge for Roulette is 5.26%

Should I leave a balance in my game or withdraw when I’m done playing?

Using your secret URL you can return to the game at anytime and continue playing with your balance. Just make sure you bookmark the page and keep it secret. Alternately, you can withdraw your balance at your convenience should you so choose.